Find Text – Finds specific text inside many files

Just like its name, Find Text is a software for finding a specific text inside many files; e.g. doc, xls, txt, htm, php, css, etc. This software is totally different with Search facility on Windows because that facility is only able to search text on files title, not inside them.

The benefit of this software is very sensed. For instance, when we are learning programming, we look for a function. Unfortunately, we don’t know where is that function implemented. As a consequence, we have to open and close, back and forth, maybe hundreds of files. Very exhausting.. 🙁 But with Find Text, bye bye exhaustion 🙂

You only have to do few easy steps:

  1. Type text you are looking for.
  2. Determine directory where finding will be started.
  3. Determine file extension or just type *.* if you want to find inside all files.
  4. Click Find!

    All files contain text you long for will be shown. See image below.
Find Text is even able to find program line successfully.

Find Text is even able to find program line successfully.

Execute file directly on Find Text window.

If file extension already related to an application, with just double click on name of file resulted from finding, the application will open the file for you. For knowing whether extension has already related or not, do right click, then choose Properties. On “Open with” part will be shown application name that used to open related file.

Find Text 16.9KB

Find Text 16.9KB

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  1. mencari text/kata pada file,

    terinspisari dari search engine,,, aku merasa ingin memiliki mesin pelacak tersebut.

    yang saya inginkan pelacak dalam komputer pribadi saya.

    keinginan tersebut bisa terjawab dari keluaran microsoft software, yang berupa OS Windows 7. dengan os ini kita juga bisa melacak kata dalam file yang belum dibuka,

    setelah menggunakan itu saya masih mempunyai keinginan bagaimana kalau dijalankan dalam OS windows XP,. sekarang pun telah ter jawab dengan

    semoga berguna.

  2. tool yang bagus, tapi sayang list yang ditampilkan ngga bisa disort berdasarkan judul, modified date, atau detail file info yang lain semacam windows explorer, jadi bisa lebih memudahkan untuk mencari file yg benar

    • gigih: masukan yg baik, semoga bisa diterapkan untuk versi berikutnya. terimakasih untuk masukannya 🙂

  3. Halo mas sulhan,
    trims berguna sekali tools nya. 🙂

  4. Halo mas Sulhan,
    Salam kenal
    Tools nya sangat bermanfaat
    Terima Kasih

  5. Aku coba download tapi munculnya gini:
    Whoops! That Page Isn’t Here
    If you are looking for a specific post, please use the search bar at the top of the page.
    Thanks juga buat rosyiid untuk link-nya.

    • Oia, maaf, baru boyong-boyong file. Ada yang terlupa. Sepertinya sekarang sudah bisa. Thanks infonya. 🙂

  6. Oke, sudah bisa di download dan sudah dicoba.
    Utilitas ini memang cuma mencari text/subtext dalam file, ya? Mungkin akan semakin asik kalau juga mencari text/subtext pada nama file.

  7. tks gan..

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