Motorcycle Safeguard with Touch Censor – less Sensitive

Motorcycle Safety circuit with Touch Sensor felt too sensitive, so the circuit often became active without being touched. Modifications to the circuit to reduce its sensitifity is by dispose the D2 and the R4 and use only R2 only.

Simple Flasher

This Flasher circuit can be used to make lights flicker on turn sign lamp of motorcycles. This Flasher circuit is very simple. The workings of this circuit is also very simple. At the moment the switch is connected to the right or left lamp, capacitor C1 will be filled through the lamp and the relay […]

Add the locking Mechanism on the Motorbike Alarms

After making alarm addition of the touch sensor circuit of motor security, many readers ask me to add the locking mechanisms to this alarm. Thus, if the alarm has been activated, the alarm will keep activated even though the motor’s key is turned off. The addition of a locking mechanism like this actually is very […]

Driving Relay from Parallel Port (LPT)

Driving relay from parallel port (LPT) using Delphi or Lazarus component

How To Drive Paralel Port

How to drive paralell port using Delphi or Lazarus component

Adding an Alarm for Motorcycle Safeguard with Touch Censor

Adding an Alarm Touch sensor as a motorcycle security is already quite sacure. However, adding an alarm is a plus for securing your motorcycle. If the motorcycle’s lock is rotated to the ON position, then if in about 6 seconds, the touch sensor is not touched yet, the alarm will be activated. For those of […]

Secret Button using AND Gate

The secret key is a way to get a piece of equipment can only be activated if the provided buttons are pressed in the proper order. We will use the AND gate to make the equipment work like this. And the gates are electronic circuits that have a minimum of 2 pieces of inputs and […]

Designing LED Matrix Circuit

LED matrix is the number of LEDs arranged in columns and rows. Those LEDs are then used to display images or text that usually displayed with certain animation effects. Therefore, the LED matrix is often referred to as the Running Text or Moving Sign. Arrange LEDs as matrix MXLED is a simulator of the circuit […]

Motorcycle Safeguard with Double Touch Censor

At the Motorcycle Safeguard with Touch Censor, we’ve created a mechanism to make relay on if the sensor is touched and remained active even though the hand had been released from the sensor. With only one sensor the security of motorcycle is pretty good. However, sometimes people like to overdo in acting. Therefore, some people […]

Motorcycle Safeguard with Touch Censor

How to secure a motorcycle? Security motorcycle is basically making a double switch in addition to the lock switch on the motorcycle. Motorcycle can be turned on only if both the original and additional switch are ON. Additional switch is usually placed on a hidden place. Usually under the seat. Although this methode is very […]