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Speak It – Reads text on computer

Text to Speech (TTS) engine on Windows capables computers to speak. Having this engine applied, Speak It can read text on computer for you. How to use Speak It Make sure Speak It is running already (the indication is that tempting Speak It icon pop-up on system tray) and audio output is exist (if it’s […]

The new look of “Easy and Fun Learning Microcontroller” book

Now “Easy and Fun Learning Microcontroller” book is present with a new look. Don’t be fail in recognizing because in fact it’s more eye catching.

Multilingual patch for “Google (XML) Sitemap Generator for WordPress”

Google (XML) Sitemap Generator for WordPress (next is called as Sitemap Generator only) is one of “you must install” WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically make a sitemap that is said is also one element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, until this writing, Sitemap Generator v3.1.2 release December 26, 2008 does not yet support multilingual […]

Capture Image – Captures and cuts image on screen, includes cursor, all just at once!

Conventional print screen is cumbersome and not able to include cursor. You must be already knew the technique of capturing image on screen by print screen button. You press that button, paste to image processing software e.g. Photoshop, cut and manipulate a little bit, save, then put upon document. Watta mess, moreover for you who […]

Microcontroller tutorial

Compared to some time ago, now the microcontroller chips price is relatively inexpensive. Even to simply make the running lights, microcontroller electable. But apparently cheap price does not necessarily make the fans of electronics using a microcontroller in the design. Instead of nothing, but because they can not programm it! What trick to use? It […]

Split File – Splits one big file into many smaller ones

We need to split one big file into many smaller ones sometimes. For instance, when we have to upload a huge file but the internet connection is damned slow such like Gary the Snail or even dashed. If you are often irritated because of it, split that file with Split File first, upload then. Split […]

Learning Action Script (Flash) thru Making Game

Title >> Designing the Flash Applications Optimally The author >> Sulhan Setiawan Publisher >> Andi, Yogyakarta ISBN >> 979-763-643-7 Dimension >> 16 x 23 cm, 246 pages. First printing >> 2007 CD included Want to learn Action Script without feel learning? Let’s make a game! This book will guide you to make the game by […]

Easy and Fun Learning Microcontroller

Title of book >> Easy and Fun Learning Microcontroller Author >> Sulhan Setiawan Publisher >> Andi, Yogyakarta ISBN >> 979-763-367-5 Dimension >> 14 x 21 cm, 247 pages. Printing >> 2006, 2008 CD included Books that will make your learning microcontroller event become as easy and enjoyable as making pop noodle. Enjoy the ready source […]