Learning Action Script (Flash) thru Making Game

Designing the Flash Applications Optimally

Title >> Designing the Flash Applications Optimally

The author >> Sulhan Setiawan

Publisher >> Andi, Yogyakarta

ISBN >> 979-763-643-7

Dimension >> 16 x 23 cm, 246 pages.

First printing >> 2007

CD included

Want to learn Action Script without feel learning? Let’s make a game! This book will guide you to make the game by applying the action script, step by step. Not just the visual, you will also be guided to make sound effects for your game so that more exciting.

Animation does make life more lively. And Flash is well known as a software to create animations. Action script in Flash make animations more lifeless. Unfortunately, to apply action script requires logic skills (read: programming).

Like his previous book, this time Sulhan Setiawan will make your action script learning event to be easy and fun. He has been working on making this book can be understood even for those who do not know programming.

Fun, learning event this time is to make the game! Game is fun! Moreover, the game will stimulate logic skills because the game requires us to think how the rules of the game enforced. More fun, there is a freeware bonus “Wave Editor” which is useful for manipulation of sound files with WAV extension.

Example Game

You can see the game created for the example in this book at:

Please note that the game applications are hosted without the original ssl certificate. So You will get a warning that the connection is not secure or not trusted.

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