Capture Image – Captures and cuts image on screen, includes cursor, all just at once!

Conventional print screen is cumbersome and not able to include cursor.

You must be already knew the technique of capturing image on screen by print screen button. You press that button, paste to image processing software e.g. Photoshop, cut and manipulate a little bit, save, then put upon document. Watta mess, moreover for you who are making computer tutorial. Besides, you can’t catch cursor, whereas you need it to show something on your tutorial. Just admit it, come on..

Set Capture Image on system tray.

Let free your self from the rush of conventional print screen by downloading Capture Image! Extracting in one folder, you will find two files, i.e. the executable Capture Image file itself and SnapHook.dll. Executing CaptureImage.exe, you will see it is set on system tray. While SnapHook.dll will integrate Capture Image function with certain buttons on keyboard.

If you do right-click on Capture Image icon, you will get four functions, i.e. Capture Screen, Capture Active Window, Capture Screen with Cursor, and Copy from Clipboard. If “Hook to Print Screen” is enable (default), then those four functions can be accessed from pre-defined buttons.

Place cursor, press print screen, make marquee, done!

Yes, that’s all the way of using Capture Image. See image below.

Capture Image usage.
  1. Place cursor in position you want then press print screen.
  2. That hooked button will activate “Capture Screen with Cursor” function. Emerges quickly in front of you, marquee grid in form of vertical-horizontal lines. For you who are often work with image processing application e.g. Photoshop or CorelDRAW, must be already familiar with marquee grid like this.
  3. Make marquee that surrounding screen slice you want by left-click. Along you do that, appear marquee size information you are making. See image below.
  4. Feeling sure with your marquee, release left-click. Marquee will wink, and that is screen slice you want.
  5. Do right-click anywhere, you will be presented some choices. Whether you will do copy, save, zoom, or even fill the screen slice. See image below.

Menu Capture Image.

Done! So this is it.

Capture Image result example.

If you don’t need to include cursor, just left-click then play your marquee grid.

This is the excitement of Capture Image. It is able to catch cursor, cut image, zoom or fill, directly on its place without involving any image processing application. So practical, isn’t it?

Capture Image 34,5KB

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  • mantabz, tool2 ginian yg kcil simpel gag bebayar tp usefull,,ga pake crack2an sgala…

    truskan boz!! klu bisa buwad yg isa nge capture motion/gerakan di layar + sound. kayak mbuat video tutorial gitu, trus ngesavenya jadi file video yg isa diatur kuwalitasnya…(wekekek,,nuntut bgt yeee XD)

    maju trus!


  • aku dah coba CaptureImageEx.exe tapi snaphook.dll dibaca sebagai virus. (Mc-Afee)
    Minta solusinya???


    • Memang SnapHook.dll itu melakukan hook terhadap keyboard. Dan aktifitas semacam ini seringkali digunakan untuk mencurangi sistem. Makanya terkadang hal tersebut akan dianggap sebagai virus oleh antivirus. Tetapi SnapHook.dll saya jamin bersih dari kejahatan. Dan biasanya antivirus juga bisa dikasih tahu bahwa aplikasi tertentu yang dicurigai adalah aplikasi terpercaya. Jadi antivirus tidak akan lagi menganggap hal itu sebagai virus.

      Nah kalau antivirusnya tidak bisa dikasih tahu, berarti yang bisa kita lakukan adalah membuang SnapHook.dll dengan konsekuensi kita hanya bisa menjalankan CaptureImange melalui menu di system tray. Klik ganda pada icon di sistem tray akan menangkap gambar di layar tanpa cursor. Ini adalah aksi default.

      Is there any expert has a better solution? help me then 🙂

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  • Wah, lumayan info Anda ini, manfaat banget buat aku yang lagi ngerjain capture-capture wilayah monitor.

    Terima kasih, semoga pahala selalu mengalir buat Anda selagi aku memakai software ini, amin!


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  • kitalagi baru unduh dulu belum coba, ini ada kerjaan mau ambil web buat dijadikan datautk video, thank’s sofwarenya moga bermanfaat, bro….


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  • numpang sedot boz, blog dan teknologi anak bangsa memang semakin mangstab. ditunggu postingan selanjutnya, sukses selalu


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