Pray Times

Modification of javascript of prayer time calculation from praytimes.org by adding the criterion of Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

Use Google to search for Images

Google is a search engine that is very good, not only writing that can be searched using google, but also images or photos. Well, we could use this capability to find out the origin of a picture or where the pictures are located. In this example I am going to make an example of using […]

Facebook Like And Comment

Facebook Like And Comment add like/recommend button, also send button, and optionally use facebook comment instead of wordpress comment for your wordpress site.

Redirect without changing the address in the address bar

Redirect is the process of transferring the url address to another address. For example, you can type http://www.example1.com but when you hit enter, the page that appears is a page on http://www.example2.com. The transfer of the above can be done in various ways, eg by javascript: <script type=”text/javascript”> location.replace(“http://www.example2.com”); </script> If the script above is […]

Multilingual patch for “Google (XML) Sitemap Generator for WordPress”

Google (XML) Sitemap Generator for WordPress (next is called as Sitemap Generator only) is one of “you must install” WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically make a sitemap that is said is also one element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, until this writing, Sitemap Generator v3.1.2 release December 26, 2008 does not yet support multilingual […]

IndexMaker – Makes index.html for html files collection downloaded from internet

I like to collect the html files that contain various kinds of information that I usually get from the internet. There is a set of files that I received in the form of packets, for example, is a variety of files for the tutorial. For files that are like this I usually get index.html file […]