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Mouse Move Simulation

Lately I love to play the Dragons of Altantis game on Facebook. Firstly I play just for a whim, but gradually become excited. But there are things that sucks from this game, that we should wasting time just to play this game. We can only do a job in once upon a time. And the […]

Simple Serial Downloader for AT89S51/AT89S52

SDownldr.exe is a software to program a AT89S51/AT89S52 serially through the parallel port. This Software is included in the Microcontroller Project Circuit diagram for this ISP downloader is as follow: The Serial Downloader circuit above using the power supply from the parallel port. However, not all parallel port capable of providing enough current for this […]

Convert Any File Into JGP Format

Now a lot of places that we can use to leave the file on the internet. From the complicated to the simple rules. Unfortunately, with the easy rules, only allow us to leave the file in a specific format, for example, doc, xls, pdf, jpg, png, and so on. And usually will prohibit us to […]

SSMaker, tool for creating seven segment constant

SSMaker.exe is a program to help make a lighting table of seven segment. Click on the segment to be switched on or off. After that, the table to form the light will be instantly displayed. Lights are represented by the value bit 0. To make the light represented by the value bit 1, check the […]

Microcontroller Project

Microcontroller Project is a graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for MCS-51 microcontroller family that uses the ASEMW.EXE compiler. Thus, the syntax used in the Microcontroller Project is ASEMW syntax if written using assembly language. In addition to using assembly language, Microcontroller Project can also use c language for writing programs, using SDCC. Microcontroller Project integrate […]

Speak It – Reads text on computer

Text to Speech (TTS) engine on Windows capables computers to speak. Having this engine applied, Speak It can read text on computer for you. How to use Speak It Make sure Speak It is running already (the indication is that tempting Speak It icon pop-up on system tray) and audio output is exist (if it’s […]

Capture Image – Captures and cuts image on screen, includes cursor, all just at once!

Conventional print screen is cumbersome and not able to include cursor. You must be already knew the technique of capturing image on screen by print screen button. You press that button, paste to image processing software e.g. Photoshop, cut and manipulate a little bit, save, then put upon document. Watta mess, moreover for you who […]

IndexMaker – Makes index.html for html files collection downloaded from internet

I like to collect the html files that contain various kinds of information that I usually get from the internet. There is a set of files that I received in the form of packets, for example, is a variety of files for the tutorial. For files that are like this I usually get index.html file […]

Split File – Splits one big file into many smaller ones

We need to split one big file into many smaller ones sometimes. For instance, when we have to upload a huge file but the internet connection is damned slow such like Gary the Snail or even dashed. If you are often irritated because of it, split that file with Split File first, upload then. Split […]

Find Text – Finds specific text inside many files

Just like its name, Find Text is a software for finding a specific text inside many files; e.g. doc, xls, txt, htm, php, css, etc. This software is totally different with Search facility on Windows because that facility is only able to search text on files title, not inside them. The benefit of this software […]