Use Google to search for Images

Google is a search engine that is very good, not only writing that can be searched using google, but also images or photos. Well, we could use this capability to find out the origin of a picture or where the pictures are located.

In this example I am going to make an example of using google to find out if there is another people using our profile picture on facebook or not. Actually, only a gorgeous girl need to do such a test, but since I’m not a girl, it’s OK for me to do this test: D

The first step is to take the address of the image that we used as a profile picture. To be able to take this address, open the profile photo as usual, and then in the address bar at bowser, remove the rear section, ie &theater section:


and press enter.

Take Photo Address

After we get the address of our profile photo, open the google as usual, then select the image as the search

Image Search

After we select the image search mode, we can enter the picture which we will search in a manner providing image address, or it could be with the uploaded pictures from our computer. Click on the camera image on the search form

Insert An Image

After that, we enter the address of a profile picture that we have been getting into the search form

Do the image search

Well, the results are as follows:

Image Search Results

Looks many are using my photos, but wait … is it true that many are using my photos, I’m just a guy. Let see one of them. Apparently on that page is not at all found my photos. Google knows that my name is Sulhan Setiawan. Google may be read from my facebook profile. Then google using “Sulhan Setiawan” as a search. The results appear in figure that people who also have the name Setiawan displayed on search results. But once clicked, the image is simply not found. Hmmm, google must fix its search algorithms … It’s a pity.

But wait a minute. We can use this to find out if the photo was installed by a person is his/hers own or other people’s photos. We often see ads “People you may Know” which is usually very pretty. But is it true that it’s hers own, or photos of others?

Let’s try to grab one of the photo profile which we will test by taking the address of the photo through the above way.

After the search is done.

It was not Her

Seen that it is not a picture of her. So don’t be in a hurry has a crush on her 😛

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