Simple Flasher

This Flasher circuit can be used to make lights flicker on turn sign lamp of motorcycles. This Flasher circuit is very simple. The workings of this circuit is also very simple. At the moment the switch is connected to the right or left lamp, capacitor C1 will be filled through the lamp and the relay while it is still off. In addition to filling in the C1, the lamp also fill C2 through R2. When the voltage of C2 reached the limit to make the transistor Q1 active, then the relay will be activated and the lamp will be directly connected to the positive via a relay that has been on. At the time, relay and transistor are supplied using charge on C1. This charge is not much, so in a short time, its contents will be exhausted, and relay will off. This cycle will be repeated all over again.

Simple Flasher

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