Gary The SnailWe need to split one big file into many smaller ones sometimes. For instance, when we have to upload a huge file but the internet connection is damned slow such like Gary the Snail or even dashed. If you are often irritated because of it, split that file with Split File first, upload then. Split File ain’t the only one file splitter, but it has inner beauty that able to make you turn away from the similiar software that has already popular formerly.

Split File is so tiny.

Although Split File is as tiny as David, but it’s powerful and has many moves to defeat a file as huge as Goliath. Just compare its size with the similiar one mentioned above. 😉

Want to split based on pieces or size? Come on!

It’s so easy to use Split File. Define the source and the destination file, define based on pieces or size, then press Split button. Pieces based max 1024 pcs; size based max 1024 MB/KB.

When a splitting is in progress, you can see its indicator. See image below. If you want to stop the process, press [X] button on the top-right-corner of the window. You’ll be asked whether you are really want to stop it.

Split File progress indicator.
Split File is in progress.

No need Split File to join the pieces back.

A former-popular file splitter requires that if you want to join the pieces, you have to provide the related software. Not with Split File. You don’t have to be worry if your friend to whom you send the pieces has not have Split File yet. See image below.

Split File creates file batch directly.
Split File generates file batch directly.

Every file splitting operation is always followed by batch file generating to join the pieces back. Thus, on the related batch file, you only have to do click-click! The pieces will be reunited.

If your current file splitter software do not generate you batch file, actually you can join them by your self with a li’l effort on Command Prompt.

Split File 19.3KB
Split File 19.3KB


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  • oke juga…

    gue suka gaya loh…

    smart simple comfortable n uselful

    u’r friend

  • boleh juga… ini versi baru yg .. soalnya aku juga punya yg kayak gini tapi cmn bisa mecah file maximal seukuran floppy.. oke yg ini boleh juga nih…

    1. Waktu pertama aku bikin ini masih terbatas pada 2G (karena sebelumnya aku nggak pernah coba untuk file sebesar itu), tapi begitu aku pakai buat split file 4G ternyata gagal. Jadi buru buru deh aku benerin. Kalau yang versi ini si Insya 4JJI sudah tidak ada masalah dengan ukuran. Thanks 🙂