SSMaker, tool for creating seven segment constant


SSMaker.exe is a program to help make a lighting table of seven segment.

Click on the segment to be switched on or off. After that, the table to form the light will be instantly displayed. Lights are represented by the value bit 0. To make the light represented by the value bit 1, check the Active High.

SSMaker5.exe SSMaker5A.exe

By default, bit 0 is for segment A, bit 1 is for the segment b, and so on. But you also can change the order. Of course this arrangement tailored to the hardware. To determine the bits to its segments, right click on the segment to be determined its bit, then from pupop menu that appears, choose the number of bits.


If we use the bits that are being used by another segment, the segment which bits are used will be made to not connected to any bit. Signs that the segment is not connected to the bit is the segment which is marked with the letter X.

This program is a package of Microcontroller Project

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  • duh..
    sya bner2 kagum ma mas sulhan..
    ju2r z..
    sya dah sempet nyerah dg yg nama’a elektronika(pdhl sya kul jur t.elektro)
    gr2 dosen dasar elektronika yg kurang brsahabat..

    praktek d lapangan’a jd ancur..
    pas lg buat rangkaian amplifier, gosong terus..duit abis banyak..
    bner2 frustasi..

    tp dg kata2 mas sulhan..sya jd pgn nyoba dr awal lg..

    “Memang, untuk menjadi ahli, butuh waktu lumayan lama. Tapi, kalau hanya untuk sekadar bisa menggunakan mikrokontroler, satu atau dua hari saja sudah cukup! Mulailah dari yang paling sederhana, terus sedikit demi sedikit meningkat sampai yang rumit. Nanti, Jika Anda merasa mentok menghadapi masalah yang rumit, buatlah masalah menjadi sederhana. Jika Anda menghadapi masalah yang besar, buatlah masalah menjadi kecil. Jika Anda menemui bab yang sulit, jangan paksakan diri. Percayalah, suatu saat Anda pasti dapat memahaminya.”

    makasih mas..
    makasih banyak..^_^


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