Convert Any File Into JGP Format

Now a lot of places that we can use to leave the file on the internet. From the complicated to the simple rules. Unfortunately, with the easy rules, only allow us to leave the file in a specific format, for example, doc, xls, pdf, jpg, png, and so on. And usually will prohibit us to […]

Capture Image – Captures and cuts image on screen, includes cursor, all just at once!

Conventional print screen is cumbersome and not able to include cursor. You must be already knew the technique of capturing image on screen by print screen button. You press that button, paste to image processing software e.g. Photoshop, cut and manipulate a little bit, save, then put upon document. Watta mess, moreover for you who […]

The Magic of 3D Images

If you notice the heart picture above, you would assume that the picture looks so plump. However, somehow you would assume that the image is just a picture at the paper flat. Three-dimensional impression it has is just formed because of the color settings. You can easily distinguish them from real objects that exist in […]