Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller

Title >> Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller Author >> Sulhan Setiawan Publisher >> Andi, Yogyakarta ISBN >> 978-979-29-5178-3 Dimension >> 14×21 cm² ⁄ x+278 pages. Printing >> 2016 CD included Multithreading means doing many jobs atau threads at once. Time division is the key. In a program which doing many tasks, actually, those tasks […]

SSMaker, tool for creating seven segment constant

SSMaker.exe is a program to help make a lighting table of seven segment. Click on the segment to be switched on or off. After that, the table to form the light will be instantly displayed. Lights are represented by the value bit 0. To make the light represented by the value bit 1, check the […]

Running Text on LED Matrix

In the example in Showing images on LED matrix using simulator, the note is displayed as an image. First we create a text image, then we create a constant from the text image. After that it displayed as an image. Displaying text in this way is only appropriate if the text to be displayed is […]

Microcontroller tutorial

Compared to some time ago, now the microcontroller chips price is relatively inexpensive. Even to simply make the running lights, microcontroller electable. But apparently cheap price does not necessarily make the fans of electronics using a microcontroller in the design. Instead of nothing, but because they can not programm it! What trick to use? It […]

Questions about “Mudah dan Menyenangkan Belajar Mikrokontroler” book

A book reader Mudah dan Menyenangkan Belajar Mikrokontroler asked as follows: In the program listing of digital clock with button (p. 91), please explain more about the use and calculation of Timer 0 Mode 2 so as to produce an accurate timer of 1 second. Please explain more about the workings of the listing of […]

Using MXLED.EXE for LED matrix simulation

MXLED controlled using two ports, a port as a data port and another as a control port. Both the data port and control port are received as a WM_USER message at the wParam. To determine that the received signal is a data or control, MXLED will look at the lParam. If lParam = 2, then […]

Showing Images on LED Matrix using Simulator

Controlling the LED matrix is actually almost the same as controlling seven segment. The difference is that the LEDs of seven segment are organized into seven sections which could form the figures. While the LED matrix, LEDs are arranged into a matrix that can be referenced by column and row. The columns on the LED […]

3 Digits Counter

A friend asked me for help to create a program to perform calculations that can go up or down. The data displayed on a three-digit seven segment. Meanwhile, the buttons mounted on the port 3 used to raise or lower the count. Actually, he asked me to place the digits control using P0, and P2 […]

Seven segment simulation for digital clock program with hours-minutes-seconds display

Seven Segment is one of the most common components used primarily to display data in the form of numbers. For that, Microcontroller Project also provides a simulation for seven segment, namely SSLED.exe. Seven segment simulation provided by the SSLED.exe has eight-digit in multiplex manner. Multiplex technique is the most commonly used because of its compact […]

Running LED simulation on Microcontroller

Early game which is always done by people who are just learning the microcontroller is lit the LED. Although the first time we usually just turn on the LEDs moving to the right or left only, and usually things like that would be boring, but it is very important to understand how to program the […]